202110 Climb a mountain. (SHIRT COAT)

Tropopause2021Year10The moon shirt is an image of the outdoors in the city.Climb a mountain."series. 3 Attention is "SHIRT COAT" which will be the first appearance in a long time.


For travel and business trips!
Cordura®︎Shirt coat


"SHIRT COAT", which can be worn as a thin coat or as a dress, is a versatile piece that can be used by both men and women.

This time, we are conscious of the outdoors, and the cordura is durable and has excellent durability.®︎Adopted nylon ripstop of fabric. It is light and less likely to wrinkle, so it is convenient when traveling, such as when traveling or on a business trip.


Large pockets are cute
Loose dress


Of course, as a dress. Since it has a stone silhouette, you can easily wear it regardless of your body shape.

Two large patch pockets for your smartphone or wallet. In addition, the chest pocket with flap is also convenient. A smart coat that meets the lightness, durability, and functionality required for outerwear.

The details are elegant
Great for town use


It is refreshing even if you wear it in layers. Light and durable material, ideal for outdoor activities.


Although the material is workwear, it is tightened with black butterfly buttons and corduroy on the collar and sleeves to create an elegant atmosphere that is perfect for town use.

Even if it is one sheet or stacked
Easy-to-use colors and silhouettes


Even if you put another piece on the shirt coat. Since there are slits on the side, you can handle your feet well and there is no stress when you move your body.


The season when thin coats come in handy. Please experience the ease of movement and light comfort.


At Tropopose, we announce a new series every month and make only what we need for build-to-order manufacturing. We believe that such a production system is the first step toward building a sustainable society without imposing a burden on the environment as much as possible and imposing an unreasonable burden on producers.

Delivery is scheduled for about one month after the order period ends. It will take some time, but we appreciate your understanding.

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