202110 Climb a mountain. (BUMPY / MURMUR)

Tropopause2021Year10The moon shirt is a series that imagines the outdoors in the city.Climb a mountain.
We crossed the fabrics of outdoor wear such as ripstop and weather cloth, and applied patchwork like Tropopose.

Like hand-painted
Soft patchwork


"BUMPY" is a brown shirt with a ladder pattern that looks like a series of narrow roads. Actually, instead of pasting another fabric on the finished shirt, the fabric parts are sewn together and patchwork is used to make one shirt.

Since the shape of the shirt is made by pasting small parts together, the effort and difficulty are considerable. Advanced craftsmanship is required.

Slight deviation and distortion
Reproduced by hand


If you look closely, you can see that the pattern is slightly bent or misaligned instead of a single straight line. This is a deliberate fluctuation created by making a striped fabric based on hand-painted lines, then shuffling and joining them together.

It is only possible to reproduce this slight deviation and distortion, which is unique to fine handicrafts. Thanks to this, it seems to have an impact as a shirt, but the overall atmosphere is soft and gives a warm impression. There are individual differences for each item, but I hope you enjoy it as an attraction of handicrafts.


Uneven dyeing is fascinating
Unique texture


The beige part is a high-count weather cloth with a large number of threads and high density. The crispy texture and uneven dyeing create a unique look like Japanese paper.

For dyeing, the craftsmanship used for hand towels and dyeing of furoshiki is alive. In addition, the buttons are made of natural black butterfly shell, so you can enjoy the deep color difference.

Corduroy x weather cloth
Two materials with different facial expressions


The back side is a corduroy with a bulge and a soft touch. One of the attractions is the combination of materials with the front body. By combining different materials, the presence is doubled. You can easily style it by matching it with colors or materials.

Great for the outdoors
Light long shirt



Next, I would like to introduce the thin and durable long shirt "MURMUR" that is perfect for the outdoors. Available in 5 sizes, regardless of gender, age, or body shape. It's light and not bulky, so it's convenient to keep it in your bag for outdoor activities and camping.

Durable and friction resistant


The material is warp and organic cotton.*, Nylon ripstop using Cordura®︎ nylon, which is strong and durable against friction, for the weft thread. Although it is a durable and firm fabric, it is light and comfortable to wear.

Gentle shades
Corduroy x Ripstop


Cordura familiar for mountaineering and workwear®︎The "MURMUR" shirt is a combination of fabric and soft corduroy. It's hard to tear and fray, so it's recommended for both outdoor and town use.


Seen from the side or behind, it gives a different impression. As it is a long length that can also be used as an outerwear, it can be used in a wide range of situations.


At Tropopose, we announce a new series every month and make only what we need for build-to-order manufacturing. We believe that such a production system is the first step toward building a sustainable society without imposing a burden on the environment as much as possible and imposing an unreasonable burden on producers.

Delivery is scheduled for about one month after the order period ends. It will take some time, but we appreciate your understanding.

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* Organic cotton = Cotton grown on farmland approved by a certification body and observing strict standards for pesticides and fertilizers. Organic cultivation of cotton leads to water quality conservation and soil revitalization,CO2It can also contribute to reduction. By increasing the number of users of organic cotton and expanding organic farmland, it is possible to reduce the burden on the environment.