We will answer frequently asked questions. If you have any questions, please contact us.

・ What does TROPOPAUSE mean?

 TROPOPAUSE is a troposphere located about 110,000 meters above the surface of the earth.stratosphere) And the troposphere.
We propose unisex shirts that are not bound by genre, as being neither of them nor both of them at all divisions such as gender and age.


・ Why do you announce monthly?

In the fashion world, it is common to hold shows and exhibitions twice a year. The seasonal announcement format is very convenient and efficient for media, buyers, shops and distributors.

On the other hand, it is difficult to decide the number of molds according to the deadline and manufacture according to it, and it cannot be said that the finish will be sufficiently satisfactory. We have adopted a slightly different format so that the clothes you want to deliver can be delivered properly, not for the deadline.

We want to keep making shirts that give you energy, confidence and courage by putting them through your sleeves. We are working with joy and tension to make the TropopAuse shirt a special outfit for your closet. And I hope that the monthly announcement will be an exciting time for someone.


・ Why is it made to order?

In recent years, the fashion industry has become more environmentally conscious, and materials, raw materials, and manufacturing methods have been reviewed. We are also promoting recycling activities for clothing that we have finished wearing. However, the reality is that many inventories are still destroyed after the season is over.

Clothes are born through the hands of many people. Everything related to clothes, such as fabrics, threads and buttons, benefits from people and nature, and clothes must be sewn by people. The reality of being abandoned at the end of the season is painful.

Therefore, we decided to take the form of build-to-order manufacturing so that we can make each piece carefully for those who want it, with as little waste as possible. I'm sorry to have kept you waiting for a while, but I hope you understand.

Some items can be shipped immediately. It will be posted on the online store irregularly, so please check that as well.


・ Where do you sell it?

Only available at the online store on this site. We do not wholesale at this time because we want to responsibly deliver to the end within our reach.


・ How will it be delivered?

All shirts ordered will be delivered in a special box.
An original square clasp box made by the craftsmen of Takeuchi Shiki Seisakusho using the old-fashioned method.


・ Can I order past shirts?

We do not accept orders outside the order period, but some products are sold in limited quantities only in stock. It will be posted on the online store irregularly, so please have a look. If you have any other products that you really want, please contact us.


・ Is it possible to lease the product?

Some products are available for leasing and rental by stylists and media personnel. Please feel free to contact us.