202106 Botanical picture book

TROPOPAUSE2021Year6Moon shirt "FlowersIntroducing the "Botanical Encyclopedia" series. This time, TROPOPAUSE's first short-sleeved shirt and shirt coat are also available. Both will be delivered in unisex development.


Born under the influence of Japanese art
Traditional Liberty print

In this shirt series, all items are made from Liberty's printed fabric. Originally, Liberty started selling oriental fabrics and works of art. Liberty's print fabric was influenced by Japanese pedicels, Indian pedicels, and Arab chintz patterns.

This time, we have selected a black flower pattern that has an intellectual appeal from the traditional Liberty lineup.


Like a botanical picture book
Floral patchwork

The "Botanical Encyclopedia" series with patchwork using four types of fabrics from the Liberty print "Tanalone". At first glance, it looks like a single picture, but if you look closely, you can see that some of the fabrics are peeled together.

The entire shirt looks like a botanical garden, and when you look closely, you can see various finely drawn flower patterns.


Thin and smooth
Silky feel

The dough is 70Thread, weft100A high-quality cotton fabric woven with very fine long cotton yarn. It has a silky smooth feel, is thin and light, and is smooth and cool to wear.

The buttons are black pearl oyster buttons, which are also used for culturing black pearls. The round collar allows you to wear it in a well-balanced manner whether you close or open the first button.


Of course, you can open the front and layer it. Black tightens the gorgeous floral pattern, giving an elegant impression without being too sweet. This time as well, there are 5 sizes that can be worn genderlessly regardless of age or gender, so please choose the fit you like.



Can be worn as a dress
Genderless shirt coat

This time's recommendation is a shirt coat. You can wear it as a dress or a long shirt. Of course, it's light and comfortable to wear, so it's perfect for opening the front and putting it on like a coat. If you have one at your travel destination, it will be a great success as a dress and a coat.

The lengths of all five sizes are the same, so women can wear them as knee-length dresses, and men and taller ones can wear them like shop coats and doctor coats. You can share it with your parents and partners and enjoy wearing it.


Slash pockets on both sides to maintain a clean silhouette. An item that is easy to use, whether it is a single piece or layered, while ensuring functionality but not being stiff. The sleeves are double-sleeved like other tropopose shirts and do not interfere with the body's natural movements.


Ingenuity for ease of walking is everywhere. The hem has slits on both sides. The sack cloth in the pocket is sewn, so it is hard to hit your feet and you can wear it comfortably. Although it has a standard shape, it is easy to wear and move, and we are conscious of a silhouette that looks beautiful no matter who wears it.


With floral pattern x floral pattern
For a modal look

Combine the shirt and shirt coat to make it even more energetic. This time, we would like you to dress in a layered style, so we have prepared a specially priced two-piece set. One piece in summer, one shirt coat in spring and autumn, and layered when it's a little chilly. You can enjoy various coordination throughout the year.

Tropopose is limited in quantity and is produced only for orders. We believe that producing only what we need is the first step toward building a sustainable society without imposing a burden on the environment. It will take some time before delivery, but we appreciate your understanding.

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