202105 Lines and stars

The TROPOPAUSE shirt series released every month. The theme for May is "lines and stars". We will deliver two types of shirts using ribbons.

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Connecting people's ties
Ribbon as a symbol

Since ancient times, ribbons have been widely used as a symbol of practical use, decoration, and authority, such as being wrapped around the head and body and used for clothing. It has been used as a gift and as a symbol of connecting people with each other, such as being used for mizuhiki in Japan for a long time.

Also, as in the Awareness Ribbon Movement, the ribbon has great significance as a symbol for raising issues and showing empathy to society.

This time we will deliver two types of shirts using such ribbons, "LINES" and "STARS".


5 types
Harmony and coexistence

Randomly decorated ribbons of different materials and shapesLINES". Seen from a distance, the design looks like multiple lines, but in reality, each type and length is different. Five types of ribbons are used for this one, grosgrain, organdy, lick rack (mountain road), velvet, herringbone.

If you look closely, the left and right sides are also asymmetric. The fact that the diverse lines harmonize as a single shirt while insisting on individuality seems to embody the diversity of the world.


Came back
Star print shirt

The other one is2011An arrangement of the star-patterned shirt that was announced in the year and was well received.STARS". Last time it was a print, but this time I reproduced it with a ribbon with a three-dimensional effect. "LINESLike a shirt, five different types and shapes of ribbons draw five stars.


Each of the unbalanced star motifs is made of different materials, and although it looks simple at first glance, it has a sophisticated and mysterious charm as a whole. It is a shirt that you can feel the fun of different materials such as the difference in three-dimensionality and texture.


Comfortable to wear
Easy-to-move double sleeves

Both, like other TROPOPAUSE shirts, use the double sleeves normally found on tailored jackets and the like.

Since the arm is slightly attached to the front according to the human body structure, it is easy to put on and take off, and you can feel the comfort that does not interfere with the natural movement of the arm. It is a beautiful silhouette with a three-dimensional effect, whether viewed from the side or from the back.


Also in mode
Also for punk!

Gingham check is applied to the back of the cuffs and the back of the collar to make it slightly punkish. Even if you return the cuffs, you can wear them simply as they are, so you can enjoy two different expressions.

"LINES" that stretches straight without intersecting, and "STARS" that continues to circulate forever with no starting point or ending point. Both are completely made-to-order and will be delivered around Tanabata on July 7th.

Order period: May 15th (Sat) -June 7th (Mon), 2021


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