202106 Poppy

TROPOPAUSE2021Year6Moon shirt "FlowersFrom "PoppyIntroducing the series. Two outfits with an oriental atmosphere. Both are genderless shirts that can be worn regardless of age, gender or body shape.


Art Nouveau
Liberty print

TROPOPAUSE6The moon is "FlowersIs the theme. The shirts in this "Poppy" series are made from Liberty's fabric, which features a poppy motif that is typical of Art Nouveau.

Despite being a decorative European motif, the organic curves, dull pink, and delicate green color give it a relaxed, modern feel.


I want to dress roughly
Oriental short sleeve shirt

The fabric is a soft cotton fabric. Knitted with very fine threads, it is thin, cool and comfortable to wear.


It's smooth and soft to the touch, and it's smooth and comfortable to wear, whether it's a single piece or layered. The stony silhouette and the nostalgic appearance are also attractive.


Match the trendy young grass color to the pants. The oriental mood like Japanese Aloha combined with the sophistication of Europe makes it exquisitely loose. Wear it with slim pants for a stylish look.


Boldly open the front and make it rough like an Asian boy or girl. An effortless short-sleeved shirt that can be worn casually.


"Nothing" is good
Floral long shirt

And the other is a long shirt with a long length. This is the first stand-up collar for Tropo Pose. Thanks to the exquisite green, it doesn't click too much, but it doesn't become too natural, and it is such a convenient piece that you can secure a sense of urban trends.


Two-sleeve specifications that are familiar in Tropo pose. Since the arm is swung slightly forward according to the structure of the human body, it is easy to put on and take off, and it is also excellent in ease of movement.

Seen from the front, it looks like a green shirt, but every time you move your arm, the floral Liberty print on the inner sleeves gives off a glimpse of your face.


I hid the flowers inside
Layered style

Layered in two layers in spring and autumn. One piece in summer. Long shirts and short-sleeved shirts that can be used both as shirts and thin outerwear. If you have two, you can mix and match for three seasons from summer to autumn.


Genderless 5 sizes available like other tropo pose shirts. Even if you match up with your partner, you can casually match the pattern and enjoy the link coordination. This time, we also have a special priced 2-piece set so that you can wear them together. Please use all means.

Tropopose is limited in quantity and is produced only for orders. We believe that producing only what we need is the first step toward building a sustainable society without imposing a burden on the environment. It will take some time before delivery, but we appreciate your understanding.


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