Tropopause is known for its design shirts, but first of all, I dared to make a pure white shirt so that I could feel the difference in the material and tailoring of the shirt itself.

Easy to wear and move, it is useful for both casual and dress-up scenes. It is a standard shirt that was born with the aim of becoming a standard item for everyone.

A high-quality shirt fabric with a glossy luster that uses No. 100 twin yarn made from high-quality cotton with long hair. It's supple, soft and soft to the touch, so you can feel comfortable wearing it through your sleeves.


Based on the idea that "the one that suits your body is easy to wear and beautiful," we have adopted two sleeves, which is rare for shirts.

The double sleeve is a shape that is used in tailored jackets, etc., as if the arm was swung slightly forward. This willWhile ensuring a sharp silhouette, we have realized ease of wearing and movement that does not interfere with free movement.

The neck is a little wider. Even if you fasten the button to the top, you can have a little room, and it is made with plenty of space. Since you can see your hand, it is also a nice point that you can easily fasten the button. It is a small consideration for you to wear it every day. 

The large collar that stands up vertically emphasizes the neck casually, creating a crisp atmosphere. As the collar is large, it also has the effect of making the face look smaller.

The button uses a shell button that is not slippery and easy to fasten. As it is resistant to heat, there is no need to worry about ironing it. The firm collar gives a crisp impression.


Shirts are available in 5 unisex sizes. Anyone, regardless of age or gender, can wear it neatly.

It has been calculated to give a sharp impression as a whole while giving room to the details, and it can maintain a beautiful silhouette even when worn oversized. It is also recommended that parents and children and men and women wear it.


Because it is basic, you can wear it comfortably and use it for a long time. The standard design can be used in any style, making it a perfect gift for anyone starting something, such as a celebration of admission, employment, or a birthday present.

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