202103 GARNET

トロポポーズの「ガーネット 」

TUMBLING DICETwo types of shirts derived from ""GARNET"(Garnet) and"TURQUOISE"(Turquoise). Both are unisex developments.

トロポポーズ GARNET

GARNET"(Garnet)THE WHITE SHIRTOne piece that you can enjoy the combination of the same high-quality cotton fabric as above and a different material called cupra with a terron texture.

トロポポーズ GARNET

Cupra is a recycled fiber made from natural materials. Since it uses the cotton linter (called cotton linter), it is environmentally friendly and decomposes naturally when buried in the soil. Of course, it feels great on the skin. A cool and comfortable shirt.

トロポポーズ GARNET


トロポポーズ GARNET

The back of the collar and the back of the cuffs are striped. I can't usually see it, but I feel a little better when I put it through my sleeves.

トロポポーズ GARNET

The glossy stripes make the beauty of the shiny light stand out when you move your body. It's a good idea to keep it cool or to match it with a classic suit style.


TURQUOISE"(Turquoise) and"GARNET"(garnet). Both are available in 5 sizes of unisex. All are made to order only, so please order as soon as possible.

We believe that making to order only what is needed is the first step toward building a sustainable society without imposing a burden on the environment.

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