DECEMBER 2020 -Socks Patchwork-

Born in 2010TROPOPAUSE(Tropopause) is this year10We are celebrating our anniversary. I had a long break on the way,2021Year3It will be restarted in earnest from the month. Prior to restart10We will announce a shirt to commemorate the anniversary.

This time, "a special shirt to celebrate the reopening", the legwear brand "MARCOMONDEIt was completed in collaboration with "(Maru Commond)".

Announcing travel-themed socksMARCOMONDEI came back after a long journeyTROPOPAUSE.. This collaboration has become a symbolic shirt to commemorate the new start.

As those who have been using it for a long time know, the select shop "Once in Aoyama"OPTORICO, The items of Tropopause and Maru Commond were lined up next to each other. While remembering such a scene nostalgic, it was completed with expressions and techniques that can only be done now.

(The photo was taken in a spiralPOP-UPLandscape.OPTORICOI just couldn't find the photo ...)

All patchworkMARCOMONDEMade of socks. Per wear20A very luxurious shirt that uses more than legs.

The overall impression is solid, but the clean form is well thought out so that it is easy for both men and women to wear. As it is available in unisex sizes, you can choose the fit you like.

Two sleeves are used to create a sharp silhouette. There is plenty of space around the neck, so it's easier to move than you can imagine, and you don't feel the tightness of a dress shirt. It is recommended to wear it roughly and oversized.

At TROPOPAUSE2021Year3We will announce new shirts once a month from the month. All are made-to-order for a limited time and will be delivered only to those who place an order.

I hope that once-in-a-lifetime encounters will be born in an era when there are a lot of things and information. We will continue to make shirts that will give you energy, confidence and courage by putting them through your sleeves. I look forward to working with you.


TROPOPAUSE x MARCOMONDE 10th anniversary shirt

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