202108 CIRCUS

Tropo pose2021Year8The moon shirt series is "CIRCUS(Circus) ". We will deliver a pop and charming patchwork shirt that will make you feel cheerful!

The red color is dazzling
Unique patchwork shirt



1 Focus is "Circus Red". A patchwork shirt with a pop color that will make fans happy with the traditional tropo pose. Although it is composed of straight lines, it does not have a hard impression, and the design and coloring give a feeling of warmth.


You can choose the size
Unisex development




Elaborate patchwork like no other. It gives a different impression whether you look at it from a distance or near it. While valuing the excitement of passing through the sleeves, we emphasize a balance that is not too flashy and can be easily used in daily life.

There are 5 sizes of unisex, so please choose from perfect to oversized. (The model is a woman (170 cm) Size 3, male (183 cm) Wear size 4)


I was particular about the details
Made in Japan shirt




The sleeves are two-sleeve specifications that are familiar in Tropo pose. Since it matches the structure of the human body, it is easy to wear and move, and the silhouette when worn is also ◎. It is recommended to match it with denim as well as the beautiful slacks as shown in the picture.




Separate cloth for the back of the collar and cuffs. A shirt made in Japan that is particular about the invisible part. You can easily wear it anywhere, and you can wear it with just one piece, so it should be useful in various situations such as when you want to be a little fashionable, when you want to make an impression, or when you want to excite your mood!


Stripe x stripe




This month's two highlights are the patchwork shirt "Circus Blue," which combines stripes of different thicknesses. From the start of Tropo pose10Now that many years have passed, the cute and edgy atmosphere at the beginning of the start has been revived in line with the present era.


Even if you wear it roughly ◎
Nifty patchwork shirt




It is also recommended to put it on a T-shirt and wear it layered. The white base gives a refreshing impression.




The back view looks like this. Like "Circus Red", it has two sleeves that are easy to move. The blue of both arms is an accent. For those who are not satisfied with ordinary shirts, please enjoy the casual claim.




The upper part is a thin stripe. A shirt with thick stripes on the hem and two expressions. There is also a charming side that it becomes a standard striped shirt when you pan-twin. The back of the collar and cuffs is a separate cloth.


With a complete order system
Lean manufacturing



20218There are two moon shirts, "Circus Red" and "Circus Blue". Both will be delivered approximately one month after the order deadline.


At Tropopose, we announce a new series every month and make only what we need for build-to-order manufacturing. We believe that such a production system is the first step toward building a sustainable society without imposing a burden on the environment as much as possible and imposing an unreasonable burden on producers. It will take some time before delivery, but we appreciate your understanding.


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