202107 Bricolage (BLUE LONG)


TROPOPAUSE The three highlights of the July 2021 shirt series "Bricolage" are the royal blue long shirts. It is a versatile item that can be used as it is or as an outerwear.



Bright blue is beautiful
Intellectual impression long shirt


A bright royal blue long shirt. The elegant and calm color that is different from navy and cobalt blue is attractive. As the name "Royal Blue" suggests, it is an elegant blue color that is also known as the official color of the British royal family. The length is a little longer than the standard tropo pose shirt, so it gives a smart and intelligent impression.




Open the first button
Casual down 


When you open the first button, it creates an atmosphere with a sense of omission. Thanks to the large patch pockets, it doesn't become too formal and can be worn casually.




The fabric has a unique texture with high density and gloss and elasticity. It is less likely to wrinkle and shrink, so you can wash it in your home washing machine without any problems. The back of the collar and cuffs is sky blue. I can't usually see it, but the blue nuances that I can glimpse from my hand are wonderful. The button uses a black pearl oyster.




With a short-sleeved shirt
Layered style


The impression of this "Blue Long" will change again if you bring a flashy color or design to the inner. It goes well with the short-sleeved shirt of "Bricolage" and other shirts of Tropopose, and you can enjoy it layered.




Available in 5 unisex sizes that can be used regardless of age, gender, or body shape. It is also recommended to share it with parents and children and partners. Tropopose shirts are calculated to maintain a clean silhouette when worn oversized.




Can also be an outerwear
Design and functionality


A long shirt that can be used not only as an outerwear but also as an outerwear. In a small but crowded placeTPut it on your shirt. It comes in handy as a refrigerated room or as an outerwear when traveling.




In addition to the chest pocket, there are also two large pockets.B5It fits comfortably in size notebooks, smartphones, and wallets. As it is less likely to wrinkle, it is convenient to carry on business trips and travels.




Body is more important than clothes
That's why comfort is important


This time as well, the two-sleeve specifications that are familiar in Tropo pose. The sleeves are attached slightly forward to match the structure of the human body, so it does not interfere with the natural movement of the arm and does not feel cramped when worn.

So that no matter what clothes you wear, each person can be as natural as that person. We are pursuing comfort that does not interfere with the movement of the body.




At TROPOPAUSE, we announce a new series every month and make only what we need for build-to-order manufacturing. We believe that such a production system is the first step toward building a sustainable society without imposing a burden on the environment as much as possible and imposing an unreasonable burden on producers. It will take some time before delivery, but we appreciate your understanding.



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