Tropopause2021year12Moon shirt "NAVYS」。3The focus is on a special navy shirt only for this month that makes use of advanced craftsmanship.

Nordic pattern
Reproduced with a shirt and ribbon


Navy shirt with red, white and blue patterns. The shirt expresses the classic centripetal pattern that is found in Nordic sweaters. It is a warm design that is perfect for the Christmas season.

One ribbon connected
Auspicious shirt


The centripetal pattern on the chest is expressed with a ribbon instead of a print. Departed from the left front body1The ribbon of the book goes around the left sleeve, the back body, the right sleeve, and the right front body while drawing a beautiful pattern. The uninterrupted ribbon seems to symbolize an auspicious shirt suitable for sleeves in the new year.

Full of craftsmanship
Craft-like sophistication


Behind the birth of this shirt is the advanced craftsmanship of Japan. With a ribbon360It takes a great deal of skill and a huge amount of time to draw the motif of degree. The ribbon pattern, which is beautifully connected to the pockets, has a three-dimensional effect that cannot be printed, and the more you look at it, the more fascinating it becomes.

You can use it habitually for a long time
Shirt as a high-quality daily necessities


A ribbon shirt that adds playfulness to adults while maintaining a high level of quality as a shirt that is a daily necessities such as ease of wearing, ease of movement, and durability. It is a special outfit suitable for the year-end and New Year holidays with many events such as Christmas and New Year. I hope you will wear it carefully for a long time.


This is a special shirt only this time. Since very advanced technology is required, the number of craftsmen who can handle it is limited, and it takes time to finish the first place. Therefore, we will accept orders with a limited number and size.

The order deadline will be reached as soon as the number of arrivals is reached, so please apply as soon as possible. 

* Female models173cmsize3, Male model183cmWearing size 4


At Tropopose, we announce a new series every month and make only what we need for build-to-order manufacturing. We believe that such a production system is the first step toward building a sustainable society without imposing a burden on the environment as much as possible and imposing an unreasonable burden on producers. 

December shirt2021year2It will be delivered by the beginning of the month. Please order as soon as possible.


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