202104 Blue composition

Tropopause2021Year4From the moon shirt "Blue Composition" series, "Sunny Blue(Sunny Blue) "and"Baby Blue(Baby Blue) ”will be introduced.

トロポポーズの4月のシャツ「Sunny Blue」

For business
Also casual

The theme of "Blue Composition" is a composition based on spring-like blue. The fabric and tailoring are of the highest quality, and the design is playful to create a shirt that adults can be excited about. The shirt looks formal at first glance, but thanks to its design, it has a perfect balance that fits into a casual style.

トロポポーズの「Sunny Blue」と「Baby Blue」

The highest peak in the world
Shirt fabric "Albini

The shirt fabric this time is an Italian luxury fabric maker "Albini(Albini) ”fabric is used.1876Founded in the year "AlbiniIs known as one of the world's best fabric manufacturers, and the familiar "THOMAS MASON(Thomas Mason) "and"DAVIDJOHN ANDERSON(David John Anderson) ".

AlbiniPlease enjoy the elegant luster and smooth touch.

トロポポーズの「Sunny Blue」

Ambiguous blue

Sunny Blue"Is the first place that looks like a cloudy flower, composed of light blue and blue stripes. At first glance, it is light blue, but if you look closely, it is a striped fabric mixed with white, and the color is like a spring sky hazy with clouds.

The right arm is striped, and the left arm is switched between light blue and stripes, which is characterized by subtle asymmetry. The back view has been switched like a piece of cloth stuck together, giving it a slightly different look no matter where you look from the front, back, left or right.

トロポポーズの「Baby Blue」

Blue and white

Baby Blue"Is a shirt that enjoys the contrast between blue and white. The blue part is "Albini"Glen check fabric is used. At first glance, it looks like a standard, but if you look closely, it has a unique design with boldly cut back arms. It is a design that catches your eye when you look back.


When you shirt in
1:2Golden balance

When you wear it in, it creates a crisp and cute atmosphere. The pattern changes around the chest, creating a beautiful 1: 2 balance. If you put on a jacket on top, the switching design will be emphasized and it will be a point of coordination.


No matter where you look
Facial expression changes

Front and back, left and right,360A mysterious dress shirt that looks different no matter where you look. The design is distinctive, but it doesn't have a flashy impression, so it is also useful in the business scene. Please try playing with various coordination.


Tropopause is limited in quantity and is produced only for orders. We believe that producing only what we need is the first step toward building a sustainable society without imposing a burden on the environment. It will take some time, but we appreciate your understanding.

トロポポーズのSunny Blue

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